A Little Bit About Me

I enjoy traveling, meeting new people ...
Having traveled and continuing to travel, retracing my steps to the roots of my heritage, and then continuing on to places I've never been I plan to work on documentary pieces. I do enjoy getting out, staying active, meeting people and observing the way humans relate to each other and their surroundings. I enjoy capturing those moments in photographs. Watching time sift on the landscape and documenting that sift is a great joy also. Traveling, watching, waiting; I guess it's part of my heritage since my people, L' Acadians, are still survivers living off the land.

I was born in New Orleans, was raised in South Central Louisiana and am a real Cajun. I have lived a way of life that is most remarkable and while growing up in Louisiana, I never realized how unique the culture and heritage is because I was in the midst of it. How I was raised and the Cajun way of life is most precious to me.

In young adulthood I moved to Alaska and lived there for 14 years. Later after a couple more major moves across water and landmass, and some other travel across the US I eventually relocated to upstate New York. Since arriving, life began creating it's own new meaning as I was given opportunity to persue a lifelong dream of living in peaceful surroundings, attaining a couple of college degrees and having the freedom and liberty to be around others who enjoy the arts, education, science and non-violent communication. To LIFE!


Profile photo by Renee O'Brein, Ph.D.
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