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09/04/11 Contribution: Special thanks to Pat Ewanitz for a contribution of $100 to help offset the cost of annual web hosting fees. Other web hosting contributor, M. Cheri Bordelon.

08/14/11 Dr. Bastian seeks support after loosing research equipment in Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Bastian now continues his work at Tulane and at LSU in Baton Rouge, and his research has reached an exciting stage. He has previously shown that a wall-less bacterium, spiroplasma, in consistently associated with TSE's.

Excerpt from Dr. Bastian: "I am planning an experiment to show that spiroplasma infection triggers prion formation in CJD which is the last part of the puzzle. We have to get the World going in the right direction. In order to do this I need to purchase a sonicater system costing $ 7,500.00 to be installed at Tulane Medical School in New Orleans.
Government funding is impossible so I am inquiring regarding the possibility of obtaining donations to this end."

Donations can be sent to:

Fund for CJD Research
Frank O. Bastian, MD (administrator)
Attention: Brandon D. Sita, Vice President
JPMorgan Chase Bank
2200 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130

Frank O. Bastian, MD
Professor of Veterinary Science
LSU Agriculture Center

11/05/2008 CJD Voice site back online after resolving hosting issues. The long time host AOL discontinued services to members and now we have new hosting. Please pardon any down time during the transition.

08/02/2008 Univ of California, San Francisco, is a recriprocal link partner. Patient educational resources concerning memory, aging, CJD and various other topics.

12/29/2007 Message Board link update. Please check your bookmarks and recriprocal links if you happen to have the message board listed anywhere online or in hard print copy. The new link is as follows:

12/01/2006 - Web space update and domain name for adding member stories, essays, articles or photos of loved ones, friends or associates who have CJD or who have passed due to CJD. A CJD awareness project. Share your story. Contributions by Pat and Dorothy making this possible.

12/01/2006 CJD Memorial Quilt - Site link update for the quilt. Find out how to add a block on the quilt. Instructions, pattern, contact.

7/19/2005 Added Tribute Articles. One is for Arturo's dad and one is for a mom.

11/27/2004 State Contact Page updated. If you have submitted your contact information to be included for this page and don't see your name listed please contact Dorothy ASAP and resubmit. Our apologies if you don't see your listing. If you see your state listed with no contacts, please consider being a contact in your area. Thank you.

11/21/2004 Added Member Article by Pat Ewanitz for Andrew P. Ewanitz, Jr.

11/09/2004 Added Member Article by Hatte Blejer for Danny Blejer.

10/26/2004 International CJD Awareness Day November 12th: Printer Friendly Flyer for your use in local community bulletin boards or newspapers!
pdf version

10/24/2004  AMERICAN RED CROSS AND CDC : BLOOD DONOR “LOOK BACK” STUDY read more by clicking this link.

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