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This is an event that happened in the past, but this page will be left as an example to others whom may want to send a petition to governing offices.

The family members of CJD victims, members of CJD Voice and all other concerned parties would  like to thank The Humane Farming Association, The Center for Food Safety, The Center for Media & Democracy, Inc. and all others that have made these petitions possible.   Read the petitions

Joining the FDA Petition Instructions

Individuals wishing to be added as a petitioner for this should draft a letter similar to the one below.  

Dockets Management Branch
Food and Drug Administration
Room 1-23
12420 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD 20857

Docket Number 7774

Dear Sir/madam,

I would like to be added as a petitioner to the petition of the Humane Farming Association v Jane Henney, FDA Docket Number 7774. I reside at {insert your full mailing address, city, state and zip}. My {insert relationship to person with CJD ie. husband/wife/brother/sister....}, {insert loved ones full name}, {insert loved ones occupation}, died of  Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (CJD) at {insert facility where they died, hospital, nursing home, at home etc.}, {insert address including city and state} on {insert date of death} after his initial diagnosis was {insert initial diagnosis}.

Thank you,
{Insert your full name}

You may also use the section which lists the petitioners as an example of the paragraph to include in your letter.   After you have mailed your letter, please let someone in CJD Voice know so we can keep record of how many people have signed on. The more the better!   Thank you for your participation.

Joining the CDC Petition

The Federal docket number is 99P-0033/CP1

Please use this number should you have family members/survivors, clinicians, researchers, etc. who would like to comment to the HHS on this matter or support the petition by "signing on" with their support to the petition.


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