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Resource Links to Medical Information

Below are resources of various subjects.  CJD Voice is not responsible for the content of any of the sites.  NEVER use any information as a substitute for consulting with your doctor!!  To return to this page use your browsers back button.   Please email me with broken links or suggestions for a site. Thanks!

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CJD Resource Links
Activism & Advocacy

Books and E-Zines
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Blood & Vaccines
Caregiver Resources
CJD Sites & Information
Consumer Issues
CWD Chronic Wasting Disease
Death & Dying
Emergency Services
Genetic Information & Patient Services
Government Agencies & Offices
Growth Hormones
Guardian Brain Foundation (New)
Lawyers with CJD induced by Lyodura case experience
Mental Health
News & TV
Prion Diseases
Search Engines
Self Help
Senior Links
TME - Transmissible Mink Encephalopathy
WHO vCJD Fact Sheet

Activism and Advocacy
Global Sisterhood Network
Health Directory Links
(linked to us!)

Aging (see also: Senior Links)
Alzheimer Organization
Alzheimer's Association of St. Louis
Alzheimer Research Forum

Univ of California, San Francisco

USDA Economics & Statistics System

BSE Information Resource

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
BSE-L Archives of Discussion
BSE Collection at IAO Denmark
(linked to us!!)
BSE in the US?
BSE information at UIUC
BSE Inquiry
How Now Mad Cow - Richard Lacey
Human BSE Foundation
Official Mad Cow Homepage
(linked to us!!)
Oklahoma State BSE Link Page
Steven Dealler (linked to us!!)

Blood & Vaccines
Blood Recall/Withdrawal - CJD website
(an offspring of CJD Voice!)
FDA Blood & Blood product withdrawals
Health Canada - CJD
Vaccines & blood recall

Caregiver Resources
Caregiver Resources
Caregiver Network Inc.

CJD Sites & Information  
Alzheimer study reveals hidden CJD

The Australian CJD Homepage:Linx

Biosafety Techniques for use with Prions
CDC & CJD in the US
CJD-L Archives of Discussion
CJD Foundation, Inc.
(linked to us!)
Faces of CJD
NCID ....Emerging Infectious Diseases

Official Mad Cow Homepage (linked to us!!)
National Institutes of Health - CJD
UK Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance Unit
Univ of California, San Francisco
CJD Database
Personal Member Tribute Pages

Books & E-Zines

Amazon Books
OnLine Newsletters for just about everything you can imagine!!!

Resource Links 2 • Resource Links 3

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