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Stay in contact with people who've experienced every aspect of CJD. We have lost family members, friends and coworkers. Join us in finding a way of coping with the impact of this horrendous disease. Learn more about it's impact on the human body, and the aftermath of destruction that occurs.

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The traffic is at times heavy.  If you join and find that the correspondence is too much for your present situation, we now have a digest option.  There are no charges for joining our support group and no limitations on how involved you become in our causes.  We only ask that families provide a Member Profile at some point so that we may include every case in our statistics.

Please remember that the privacy of every member is ALWAYS a priority!!  We never forward these profiles to the group and no private information is ever publicly posted for any reason.  Follow the links below to join our group.  Please remember that submitting a member profile does not subscribe you to the mailing list.  Due to the heavy traffic we ask that you specifically request to be added to the list

Once you receive notification of subscription to the mailing list, please submit a brief summary of your situation and how you are linked to the topic of CJD and forward it to the group so that everyone can "meet" you. All subscription to the mailing list must be approved so you will never get "spammed" while on our list.  We look forward to hearing from each of you

Thanks for contacting CJD Voice from the founders, Dolly, Pat & Liz. 

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Rules of Participation:
Flaming, intolerance, harassment, bickering, backbiting and negativity against leadership and members are considered serious violations. Violators of these rules may find their messages moderated, but also may find themselves removed from participation.

Disagreements should be held in private and not aired in public.

The Founders and the webmaster of are not responsible for the messages of posters within the discussion group but will do their best to make sure the discussion group is a comfortable place to discuss the loss of a loved one, friend or associate. To also share news and other topics of interest.

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